Hot corner

April 09, 2000

Quote: "It's open. You can see the city. That's what's unbelievable. It's beautiful." -- Tigers fan Bill McKinley, during Comerica Park's sneak preview three days before its opening

It's a fact: The White Sox's season-opening 10-game, 11-day road trip is the longest in club history. It's the 10th straight year the White Sox have opened away from home.

Who's hot: The Devil Rays have homered in each of their six games.

Who's not: The Athletics' center field platoon of Ryan Christensen and Rich Becker is 0-for-19.

On deck: The Angels' Kent Bottenfield, an 18-game winner in the NL last year, takes on 1999 AL MVP Pedro Martinez and the Red Sox today.

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