Hot corner

April 09, 2000

Quote: "I've never warmed up in snow before. With all the other things I had factored in -- facing [Sammy] Sosa and [Henry] Rodriguez -- and now I've got snow in the mix?" -- Reds rookie Rob Bell, making his first major-league start in the snow and sleet

It's a fact: Rookie left-hander Daniel Garibay, called up Friday night, got uniform No. 76, the second-highest number ever for a Cubs player. Bill Voiselle wore No. 96 in 1950.

Who's hot: The Marlins' Preston Wilson has hit in all six games.

Who's not: The Cardinals' Ray Lankford is 4-for-22 hitting in the third spot in front of Mark McGwire.

On deck: If the Brewers can win today's series finale, it will be the first time that the team has started on the road with two series victories.

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