Tommaso Buscetta, 71, a top Mafia turncoat who helped...

Deaths Elsewhere

April 06, 2000

Tommaso Buscetta, 71, a top Mafia turncoat who helped convict hundreds of mobsters in Italy and testified in the "pizza connection" trial in the United States, died Sunday in Rome of cancer.

In 1984, Mr. Buscetta turned Italian state witness after he was arrested in Brazil on murder charges and extradited to Italy.

Over 45 consecutive days, he revealed the Mafia's darkest secrets, including its alleged relationship with Italy's political class. Mr. Buscetta later moved to the United States, where he was given a new identity under the U.S. witness protection program.

Lucian King Truscott III, 78, an Army officer who commanded troops in the Korean and Vietnam wars, died March 12 of cancer in Redmond, Wash. He commanded an infantry Platoon in the Korean War and the 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Vietnam.

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