Zoo Zone

April 05, 2000

What's for dinner?

Prairie dogs bite off all the tall herbs and grasses around their homes.

"They're sleeping and storing...

...all underground, in the tunnels and rooms of a prairie dog town."

Prairie dog families live together in a group called a "town." The tunnels in prairie dog towns contain sleeping areas, bathroom areas and even cemeteries! Older males defend the town's strict boundaries by chasing away unfriendly prairie dogs and making loud calls.

Learn more!

Visit the prairie dogs at The Baltimore Zoo. Their exhibit was once a sea lion pool. Now it is home to our prairie dog town.

Read about prairie dogs and their habitat--the Western United States--at your local library.

Wild facts

1. Prairie dogs touch noses to say hello.

2. There are two species of prairie dogs - both can be found in the Western United States.

3. Prairie dogs use the dirt from their tunnels to build small hills around their entrance holes. The hills protect the town from flooding during rain storms.

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