Police investigate Sykesville swastika incident

April 04, 2000|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

State police are investigating a log-burning and swastika-drawing incident that occurred early Sunday in Sykesville.

According to troopers, a resident of Freedom Avenue found a log set afire on the front lawn about 1 a.m.

The fire was put out, but after dawn, the resident discovered someone had used a stick of butter to smear swastikas on a vehicle parked in front of the residence.

A trooper assigned to the criminal investigation division will interview the resident to determine motivation for the incident, said Lt. Terry Katz, commander of the Westminster barracks.

The resident, who is not being named by state police, is a Caucasian and does not fit the pattern of those usually considered a target of racial, religious or ethnic crimes, Katz said. He said investigators might be looking for a young person, or group of young people, whose actions might not have been motivated by racial, religious or ethnic hatred.

"If someone wanted to get our attention, they have succeeded," he said. "This crime will get an extraordinary amount of police intervention because it's the type of incident we cannot tolerate."

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