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March 30, 2000

U.S. will find truth about Pinochet, bomb, says envoy to Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile -- The U.S. Justice Department is determined to uncover the truth in its criminal investigation into whether Chile's former dictator, Augusto Pinochet, ordered a 1976 car bombing in Washington, the U.S. ambassador to Chile said yesterday.

John O'Leary said the investigation into the worst case of international terrorism in the U.S. capital -- which killed exiled Chilean socialist Orlando Letelier and his American assistant, Ronni Moffitt -- would end only when all those implicated were put on trial.

A Chilean Supreme Court order this month allowed the United States access to 42 key witnesses in connection with the attack.

Ecuador's Supreme Court charges 4 in uprising, coup

QUITO, Ecuador -- The Supreme Court charged four prominent people yesterday, including a former justice of the court, with taking part in the military-backed Indian uprising that toppled Ecuador's president in January.

Antonio Vargas, leader of the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador, and former Supreme Court Judge Carlos Solorzano were two of the three members of a short-lived junta that took power after hundreds of Indians and a cadre of young army officers seized Congress.

Former armed forces chief Gen. Carlos Mendoza, who forced then-President Jamil Mahuad from power and took the third seat on the junta, was not charged.

Boy, 13, is shot as pirates attack sailboat off Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras -- Pirates operating off the Honduran coast attacked a 40-foot U.S.-flag sailboat with a Dutch family on board and shot a 13-year-old boy in the stomach, a military spokesman said yesterday.

Norway gives atheists, Muslims loudspeaker permit

OSLO, Norway -- Muslims and an atheist organization have for the first time been granted the right to proclaim their messages from loudspeakers in Oslo, but no louder than 60 decibels, the level of normal conversation.

A neighborhood council granted a permit late Tuesday for a mosque to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer on outdoor loudspeakers once every Friday.

The Norwegian Heathen Society, whose members are atheists, was granted permission to broadcast "There is no God" in its calls to meetings. The group protested noise Christians are allowed to make with church bells and now Muslims with calls to prayer.

Thieves puncture pipeline; oil pollutes Polish farms

WARSAW -- Trying to steal oil, Polish thieves flooded large areas of farmland yesterday by drilling a hole in the Druzhba pipeline carrying crude from Russia to refineries in Poland and Germany.

The thieves dug a 6-foot-deep ditch to collect the oil and then drilled a small hole in the steel pipe. "But the pressure was so strong that oil spurted up 25 meters and the thieves fled in a panic," said a police spokesman.

He said oil polluted about 10,000 square yards of agricultural land before firefighters and other workers stemmed the leak.

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