Video Releases

March 30, 2000

The following movies were scheduled for release on VHS and DVD this week:

Body Shots (New Line, VHS, 1999) starts out as a "Rashomon"-like examination of date rape but fizzles out as it goes on, ending in neither a bang nor a whimper, but a cop-out. Director Michael Cristofer is so concerned with his camera, he forgets to tell much of a story. The eight young cast members perform their hearts out, particularly Tara Reid as the possible rape victim, but all the young talent in Hollywood is not enough to energize a movie that takes forever to get nowhere. (Chris Kaltenbach) R 99 minutes


Crazy in Alabama (Columbia TriStar, VHS, 1999) stars Melanie Griffith, Lucas Black, Cathy Moriarty, David Morse, Elizabeth Perkins, Meatloaf and Robert Wagner. A free-spirited woman who leaves for Hollywood to become a star after murdering her abusive husband gives a backwoods Alabama boy a fast education in grown-up matters, including freedom. (Los Angeles Times) PG-13

The Florentine (Monarch, VHS and DVD, 1998) tells the story of the inhabitants of a deteriorating mill town who hang out in a popular neighborhood bar, where they discuss responsible adulthood and the importance of friendship with the owner, who is valiantly struggling to keep the watering hole afloat. Directed by Nick Stagliano. Starring Luke Perry, James Belushi, Mary Stuart Masterson, Virginia Madsen and Chris Penn. (Los Angeles Times) R

Last Night (Universal, VHS and DVD, 1999), Don McKellar's meditation on millennial angst follows a group of Canadians as they prepare for the end of the world -- just why it's ending we never know -- and comes up with a touchingly quiet, occasionally funny and sometimes heartbreaking portrait of loneliness and resignation. McKellar is wryly funny as an embittered young man determined to see the world out alone. His plans are changed when he meets a desperate young wife (Sandra Oh) trying to make her way across town. (Ann Hornaday) R 93 minutes


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Universal, VHS and DVD, 2000) stars Donny Osmond, Maria Friedman, Richard Attenborough and Joan Collins. A made-for-video version of the long-running musical stage play from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, it depicts the Biblical story of Joseph, whose coat of many colors sparks a series of actions against him by his brothers, and a dream by Joseph of rising to great power. (Los Angeles Times) Not rated

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