Be a 4Kids Detective

March 29, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to detectives/

* Name one thing you can do to help the homeless.

* What culture developed obelisks used as clocks?

* Who is Europe's most famous graphic artist illusionist?


Prepare to be dazzled at, home of the wildest optical illusions you've ever seen. Swing by Check out the bizarre geometry of the Crazy Crate, or send your eyeballs into a spin at the Rotating Spiral Illusion. And be sure to stop by the site's Ambiguous Illusions section, featuring 23 extraordinary visual gems, such as the Barber Pole Illusion and the Vanishing Area Paradox.


Some people travel the world to help poor people in other countries. Pretty inspiring, huh? But you don't have to travel far to make a big difference in your community. Catch the volunteering bug at the Kids Next Door site at You'll meet kids with great ideas for how to help others. One girl got a group together to make quilts for homeless people. Check out the Kids Volunteer! links to find out how you can get involved in your own neighborhood.


Journey through the past and discover the amazing evolution of time measurement. A Walk Through Time covers the major periods of this science. Travel to where time is always of the essence. You'll go back 20,000 years to ice-age Europe, when hunters marked the passage of the days with sticks and bones. Keep time with information ranging from sun dials to quartz clock operation to the "Atomic Age" when precise time-keeping became the norm.

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