Mixed reaction to soup mixes * Item: Manischewitz...


March 29, 2000|By Joanne E. Morvay

Mixed reaction to soup mixes

* Item: Manischewitz Homestyle Soup Mixes

* What you get: 6 servings

* Cost: About $3

* Preparation time: 2 hours to 2 1/4 hours

* Review: Bean soup is one of my favorite comfort foods, so I couldn't wait to try Manischewitz's new mixes. The boxes include beans, seasonings and other dry ingredients. The cook adds tomatoes, onion and other items. Though a bit on the garlicky side, the White Bean & Pasta was so tasty I'm not embarrassed to say I actually ate some of the leftovers straight from the refrigerator container. Mediterranean Black Bean didn't fare quite as well. The flavor was average -- especially when compared to the other black bean soup mixes available. And the soup needed more rice and less salt.

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