Timing is everything when it comes to stocks

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March 29, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

Do you buy stocks at the market or do you put limit orders on your purchases?

"For many stocks, timing is everything," says Fortune, April 3. "Today's `specials' include big names worth buying, but only at the right price." The article names these stocks with Target Buy Prices: International Business Machines Corp., $100; AT&T Corp., $45; Home Depot Inc., $50 and Honeywell International Inc., $40.

"After two terrible years, real estate values look compelling. Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, are terrific for people who need income. Dividend yields an average of 8.5 percent for property-owning REITs and 11.7 percent for those that hold mortgages." (Kiplinger's Personal Finance, May)

WALL ST. WATCH: "Never jump off a moving train. If it's a growth story and you know the company well, stick with it. Only sell for a good reason." Peter Lynch.

"The wholesale shift to the `old industries' is bearish. They are in long-term declines. Now, if the uptrends for the `new industries' is broken, few opportunities seem to remain." (The Squeeze Play)

"We're concerned about the Nasdaq in the short term, but for the intermediate and long term, we are extremely confident." (Spear Report)

"When the Fed is tightening, money-market funds make sense. They provide stability and are particularly attractive when, as now, stock valuations are ultrahigh." (Bloomberg Personal Finance)

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