Contract talks for Jonathan Ogden likely to begin after draft


March 28, 2000|By Vito Stellino | The Baltimore Sun

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Marvin Demoff, the agent for Ravens Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden, said yesterday that Ogden is likely to sit in on the start of the negotiations for a new contract.

"He's not the type of person who'd say, 'Go bring me the numbers and then we'll talk about it.' He'll participate from the beginning. I might like to have him in there at the beginning so he'd get the flavor of what they're really thinking," he said.

Demoff, who said he talked with Ozzie Newsome, the Ravens' vice president of player personnel, at the NFL meetings yesterday, said he expected the talks to take place between the end of the draft and the start of training camp. He said there had been no substantive talks, but sounded confident a deal could be reached.

"I really believe that Jonathan would make anybody feel confident because he's a pretty rational guy. Up until now he's really enjoyed his time in Baltimore. There's no real problem that I can see. He's always liked Baltimore from the time he got there," he said.

He didn't rule out continuing to talk during the season if an agreement wasn't reached before then.

"Jonathan's not that type of personality. He's not a controversial guy. It's not as easy to change your position during the season when you've had full time to explore it in May, June and July. But I don't think Jonathan will set any deadlines," he said.

Demoff also said that he wasn't necessarily trying to become the NFL's highest-paid offensive lineman.

"I don't think he thinks that way. If he's the highest now, he won't be some other time, so I think that's a silly way to think. It's sort of like having the pole vault record and somebody else breaks it a week later," he said.

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