Designer dirt on the dishes and disasters

March 27, 2000

Necklines plunged. Purple reigned. And the old Hollywood glamour girl made a comeback.

Oscar night isn't just about movies. It's about clothes. And Joan and Melissa Rivers aren't the only people who can dish about celebrity style.

We assembled our own panel of experts to rate the fashions and foibles of the stars at last night's 72nd Annual Academy Awards: Catharine Incaprera, owner of Madison Boutique in Canton and costume supervisor of "Blair Witch II"; Donna Jenkins, owner of The Zone vintage clothing store in Baltimore; Delgardo Darby, owner of Firma Menswear in Baltimore; Stefan A. Pratt, member of the advisory council of Baltimore City Community College's apparel technology program; and Pascale Lemaire, fashion editor, Baltimore Magazine.

-- Maria Blackburn

Nicole Kidman in a ruffled gown designed for her by John Galliano:

"It looked more like a work of sculpture than a dress." -- Donna Jenkins

"It's not horrible. She's trying. It's ambitious. It's couture. But it didn't quite cut it." -- Pascale Lemaire

"It was missing something." -- Stefan A. Pratt

"Our expectations were greater than what she delivered." -- Delgardo Darby

Samuel L. Jackson in a purple velvet tuxedo and iridescent silk tie:

"Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Purple was a good deviation from perfectly boring, traditional black." -- Pascale Lemaire

"He was a little bit over the top, but it totally worked." -- Catharine Incaprera

Lucy Liu in a one-shouldered Versace gown:

"It was great to see color for a change. And she had just enough sexiness."

-- Pascale Lemaire

"What a flattering line. She didn't overaccessorize either." -- Donna Jenkins

"Glamorous." -- Stefan A. Pratt

Chloe Sevigny in a Yves St. Laurent gown:

"That looks like an old Marilyn Monroe dress."

-- Stefan A. Pratt

"Classic, glamorous, old Hollywood." -- Pascale Lemaire

"Perfect." -- Donna Jenkins

Charlize Theron in a sleek Vera Wang gown:

"Love the dress. Love the color. Now that's some old Hollywood glamour."

-- Stefan A. Pratt

"Fabu! It's nice to see something other than black. She's wearing that dress. It's not wearing her." -- Pascale Lemaire

Tyra Banks in a strapless silk and tulle gown:

"Ohhhh, that dress. Dollface, what have you done? ... She looks like a bad Barbie." -- Pascale Lemaire

"It looks like an old frock from `Gone With the Wind.' That looks like drapes."

-- Catharine Incaprera

"Get back in the music box." -- Donna Jenkins

Julianne Moore in a silk chiffon Chanel gown:

"It was horrid, matronly." -- Pascale Lemaire

"It was not flattering. Not a starlet dress." -- Catharine Incaprera

"That was a very bad dress for her body. But she's still gorgeous."

-- Donna Jenkins

Cameron Diaz in a black Versace gown:

"Cameron is still working her cleavage." -- Pascale Lemaire

"She doesn't have much to work with." -- Donna Jenkins

Diane Keaton in a black gown with velvet top and full skirt:

"Take away the corsage, and it was beautiful." -- Catharine Incaprera

"I liked the blue glasses." -- Donna Jenkins

"Classic Diane Keaton." -- Delgardo Darby

Denzel Washington in a black tuxedo with narrow shawl collar:

"For a leading man, he was very, very understated." -- Delgardo Darby

"A little too understated." -- Pascale Lemaire

Hilary Swank in a strapless bronze gown:

"I don't love it. This is playing it a little too safe." -- Pascale Lemaire

"She could have done a lot better." -- Donna Jenkins

Jane Fonda in a champagne Vera Wang gown

"The fabric was way too heavy. That dress would have looked a lot better in a different color." -- Donna Jenkins

"It would have looked a lot better in the trash." -- Catharine Incaprera

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