Oscar just loves those diamonds


March 26, 2000|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,Sun Staff

Oscar isn't the only thing that glitters at the Academy Awards. Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds dress up the stars, and make them shine like, well, stars. And if you look like a success, you're going to win. That's the idea, anyway.

"Throughout the century stars have continued to use the Oscar stage to help create the more-than-subliminal link between diamonds and success," Patty Fox writes in her new book, "Star Style at the Academy Awards" (Angel City Press, $30).

In her book, a fashion expert's analysis of more than 70 years of Hollywood glamour at the Oscars, Fox reveals a few gems. Like the $490,000 Chanel necklace diva Celine Dion (right) wore to the Oscars in 1997 sold immediately after she wore it. The French fashion house estimated Dion's association with that necklace was equivalent to $9 million in advertising.

Some celebs are awed by the diamonds they borrow for the evening. Of the stars who are trusted to keep the gems overnight, nine out of ten will admit they slept in them.


Large-size fashion is hotter than ever.

Nearly half the women in the United States wear a size 12 or larger, and 58 percent have difficulty locating their size.

A new Web site launching later this month, OnlyReal.com, offers plus-size women shopping in addition to advice, beauty tips, travel and entertainment news and fashion tips. Check it out.

Speaking of fashion tips, conventional wisdom was always that large women should not wear bright splashy prints. Tell that to the models in the Ulla Popken spring catalog who are looking fresh and fabulous in their spring florals. For starters, consider the flirty floral peasant dress, $98. Still not convinced? Try the cropped sunflower leggings and shirt ($26 and $42, above) on for size. Call 800-245-8552 for a catalog or stop by the store in the Shops at Kenilworth in Towson. -- M.B.

2 different ways to finish a face

Leave it to the people at MAC to figure out a way to turn faces glossy or matte with just a swipe.

MAC Matte is a gel that imparts a powder perfect finish to makeup and can be applied either before or after foundation. ($16.50)

MAC Gloss, a "skin gloss polymer," casts a dewy sheen and soft transparent polish to the skin. Vary the shine factor from subtle sheen to high gloss. ($16.50)

Both products are available at area stores. -- M.B.

Wash and wear

No three words in fashion elicit a stronger reaction than these: dry clean only.

But what happens if you don't? Will the skies open up? Will the gods be angry?

The people at Woolite have the answers in a new booklet -- "What's in a Label?" -- designed to help consumers make sense of the content and care labels on their clothing.

Some tips:

* If the label says "Dry Clean" but not "Dry Clean Only" you may have the option to wash it in the gentle cycle.

* Don't apply undilut- ed detergent directly to fabrics. It may cause discoloration or staining.

* To see if an article of clothing can be washed, test for colorfastness by placing the edge of an inner seam or hem on a paper towel. Saturate a cotton swab with water and press firmly on the fabric. If no color bleeds onto the towel, wash away.

For a free brochure, write to: What's in a Label?, P.O. Box 8126, Grand Rapids, Minn. 55745-8126. -- M.B.

Pub Date: 03/26/00

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