Shrubs that like their feet wet Q. I have a large...


March 26, 2000

Shrubs that like their feet wet

Q. I have a large low-lying area that stays wet. I want to remove the turf that's growing there and replace it with some native shrubs that will get at least 6 feet tall. What are some good choices for this type of site?

A. Some native shrubs that will tolerate or prefer moist conditions include witch hazel, fothergilla, fringe tree, red chokeberry, bottlebrush buckeye, spice bush and viburnum. Check local nurseries for these and other suitable shrubs.

Q. I just moved to Baltimore and am trying to get used to all the light that pours into my yard at night. A friend said she thought plants needed a rest period. Am I going to have trouble growing vegetables, flowers and herbs with all this extra light?

A. Don't worry about the night light. It can only help promote plant growth. The intensity of the artificial light is not great enough to disrupt plant growth and flowering processes.


1. Prune rose bushes back to healthy wood. Spread a little white glue on pruning cuts to prevent entry by cane borers.

2. Order your University of Maryland soil test kit from the number below or your local extension office, for areas that haven't been tested for three to four years.

3. Clean leaves and debris from ponds and resume feeding your fish when water temperatures stay in the 50s.

Garden tips are provided by the Home and Garden Information Center of the Maryland Cooperative Extension. For additional information on these questions, or if you have questions of your own, call the center's hot line at 800-342-2507, or visit its Web site at

Pub Date: 03/26/00

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