"Airstream: The History of the Land Yacht" by Bryan...

Editor's Choice

March 26, 2000|By Michael Pakenham

"Airstream: The History of the Land Yacht" by Bryan Burkhart and David Hunt (Chronicle Books, 144 pages, $19.95)

No one who's ever gone seven leagues on a U.S. highway could mistake an Airstream for anything else on wheels. Sleek, aerodynamic, polished-aluminum Airstreams, since their origin in the 1930s, have often been called the Rolls-Royces of recreational vehicles, land yachts. Their fondest fans regard them with an affectionate awe that borders on manic cultism. Now comes a volume of lyric, informative text and photographs that are simply celestial, celebrating this high-camp adoration that has drawn tens of thousands of owners and passengers to virtually every point on Earth. For another $15.95 you can get a box of 40 different Airstream postcards to mail on your fantasy journey.

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