Investing in good stocks without too much risk

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March 22, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

Would you like to invest in the stock market without taking too much risk?

"Here's a sound strategy for buying into the hottest market ever," says Money magazine's March issue. "The following stocks have room to run, but without the risk of buying the market's high-flying, high-tech darlings."

The stocks are Lucent Technologies Inc., Bell Atlantic Corp., Electronic Data Systems Corp., Quantum DLT Corp., Merck & Co. Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Wells Fargo & Co., Lowe's Cos. Inc. and Nabors Industries Inc.

MIDWEEK MEMO: "The high-tech companies now leading the market don't care about borrowing costs -- most don't have any debt. They finance their growth by issuing stock." (Worth, April)

MARKET WATCH: "If the Fed raises rates beyond June it will kill the Nasdaq mania and will also crush the Dow stocks." (Prudent Market Decisions)

"Contrary to popular sentiment, market corrections and high nervousness are positive indicators, generally prerequisites for higher stock prices." (Piper Jaffrey's Informed Investor)

"Bonds need to rest after January's run-up, but there is more up side ahead for Treasuries. Corporate bonds should under-perform due to greater chance of default in a recession." (McClellan Report)

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