Artist cancels exhibit to support Confederate flag protest


COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Major international artist Leon Golub has canceled a Charleston exhibit to support the National Association for Advancement of Colored People's boycott over the Confederate flag.

Golub, whose work often comments on repression and human rights violations, stated in a letter to the gallery, "This is in protest to the continuing display of the Confederate flag atop the State Capitol." In keeping with the nature of his art and beliefs, Golub, a native of Chicago, stated he would not show his art in South Carolina.

The exhibit was to be shown at the College of Charleston gallery in May and June during the Spoleto Festival USA and as a part of the city-run Piccolo Spoleto Festival.

"The gallery always presents one of the most important aspects of visual arts during the festival," said Ellen Moryl, cultural affairs director for Charleston.

College of Charleston President Alex Sanders said he sees a trend.

"This fellow is not coming and he's not the only one not coming," Sanders said. "Everyone from artists to basketball players have decided not to come because of the flag."

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