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March 20, 2000|By Bonnie Scott | Bonnie Scott,Knight Ridder/Tribune

March is the month in which the Girl Scouts of America celebrates its 88th anniversary as well as the month when Thin Mint cookies are readily available to those of us who love them.

To find out more about Girl Scouts during the month, Web surfers can find thousands of sites for Girl Scout troops and councils all over the world, which attests to the Scouts' commitment to getting girls comfortable and capable with technology.

At the official Girl Scout Web page (, you can learn about women leaders of the next millennium and how women define success. It was heartening to read that women define success not as simply a comma in their checkbook but in terms of health, happiness and family. Girl Scouting is about setting values, achieving goals, promoting diversity and creating leaders.

When I was a Scout, we earned badges in printmaking and good citizenship. The citizenship badge is still available, but the printmaking badge has been replaced. In its place are badges such as the Girl Power badge. This badge is about teaching girls self-respect and self-esteem.

In the "Just for Girls" area of the official GSA site, Scouts can connect with other Scouts and troops. Just for Girls requires that users read and sign a cyberspace security pledge -- promising, among other things, never to give out personal information and never to agree to meet strangers through online conversations without checking with a parent. Then girls can log on to follow the progress of two scientists as they attempt a record-breaking journey to the South Pole.

Girls can also log into chat areas, post messages and submit questions to a Scouting expert. A link for Brownies and their parents helps families new to Scouting.

My passion for Thin Mints pushed me to browse the cookie sale area. Here I read about the tradition of Girl Scout cookies and how much of the profit goes to the troops. (Quite a bit, I was pleased to read.)

I also found a link to one of the bakeries that makes the cookies at

According to the ABC company, official bakers of Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints are the top-selling flavor. I also found some great recipes for pie and cakes using Thin Mints.

On the off chance that any Thin Mints go uneaten, I'll know what to do with them.

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