Praise for City's Wilson Every parent, student...


March 19, 2000

Praise for City's Wilson

Every parent, student, athletic director and faculty member in any school should read the letter from the principal of City College, Joseph M. Wilson, that appeared in The Sun on Feb. 27 ("Sky is not falling at City") and the response from the current athletic director at Poly ("Policy at City is unfair").

If Lt. King, Wilmer DeHuff and Claude Burkert of Poly, and the immortal Dr. Edwards of City, were alive today, they would be standing in ovation for the position that Mr. Wilson has taken on a student's eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities at City and the right of a principal to raise the minimum eligibility rules in his or her school.

Thank God for Mr. Wilson and his courage to demand that students have better attendance, less tardiness and better grades. His students and his school will be much better off, and if his students want to participate badly enough, they will manage to make his obtainable standard of being in school and learning at least 70 percent of the program of studies.

Bob Lumsden, Baltimore

Note: The writer is a former Poly coach and athletic director.

Dixon can pass, too

One of the many pleasant surprises in the University of Maryland's successful basketball season is the emergence of Baltimore's Juan Dixon into one of the top guards in the country.

Also pressed into service as a backup point guard, a position he had never played until this season, he has gradually reached a level of proficiency that would enable him to start at that position for many teams, if not his team.

His recognition in scoring, steals and rebounds has been well-documented, but the significance of one statistic has been overlooked. Coming in seventh in assists in a highly competitive nine-team conference -- as a part-time and first-time point guard -- is a significant accomplishment.

Rick Marcel, Baltimore

Steadman honor well-deserved

It was with great pride and appreciation that the Oldtimers Baseball Association of Maryland learned of the recent proclamation of The Sun honoring sports columnist John Steadman, a longtime member of our organization.

The Oldtimers thank The Sun also for establishing the John Steadman Internship, which will be awarded every summer to a college student who is a graduate of a Baltimore City public school, preferably City College, John's alma mater.

Thanks for awarding this honor to a well-deserving individual.

Richard T. Clarke and Earl C. Brannan

Note: Mr. Clarke is president and Mr. Brannan chairman of the board of governors of the Oldtimers Baseball Association of Maryland.

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