25 Years Ago: Mount Airy's fight to retain its school...


March 19, 2000

25 Years Ago: Mount Airy's fight to retain its school children here instead of having them transported out of the community to other locations has apparently been resolved with the decision of the county Board of Education to adopt plans recommended by the Governor's administrative assistant for Education, Frederick H. Spigler, Jr., in a letter received recently. The local school officials have interpreted the letter from the Governor's office to imply a directive to the State's Interagency Committee on School Planning to provide funds from its contingency money to permit the County to begin planning for new facilities here.

-- The Community Reporter,

March 212, 1975.

50 Years Ago: Congoleum-Nairn plant of Congoleum-Nairn Inc. has received word from the National Safety Council in Chicago that the local plant has won first place in its group in the 1949.

The contest year ran from January 1 to December 31, 1949. During that period Cedarhurst employees worked a total of 580,467 man hours free of a disabling injury and finished the contest year with a perfect record.

For this accomplishment, in competition with other plants in the Pulp and Paper Industry all over the nation, the employees at Cedarhurst will receive a trophy as an award from the National Safety Council.

Additional recognition given to the employees of this plant for their outstanding work in safety was a certificate of merit awarded by the Baltimore Safety Council for winning a first place in their annual contest ending June 30, 1949.

The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company has also announced that this plant will be awarded an engraved plaque for having completed 1,000,000 man hours without a lost time accident over the last two year period.

-- Democratic Advocate,

March 17, 1950.

75 Years Ago: Believing a recreation park would be an excellent attraction for automobilists traveling the Littlestown State Road in the summer, Mr. J. Wesley Yinglin, a well known and popular citizen of Union Mills, has contracted with Mr. Harry D. Ditman, contractor, this city, to erect the park between Union Mills and Silver Run. The site will be in the meadow between the county road and the land of Charles Carroll School and fronting on the state road. It is splendid location for a park and will be convenient to both the citizen of the two towns as well as tourists. The park's features will be a concrete swimming pool, 75x2008 feet, boating lake, lunch room, resting places for parties, see-saws, and other amusements that will appeal to everyone who is looking for pleasure and rest. The park when completed will cost $15,000.

-- Democratic Advocate,

March 20, 1924.

100 Years Ago: Probably the heaviest snow storm in March, in this county, since 1888, occurred on Thursday and Thursday night. Snow began falling at an early hour in the morning and continued throughout the day and most of the night. It reached a depth, on a level, of sixteen inches, at places where it was not affected by the wind. During the night it drifted to some extent, but as far as heard from, did not seriously blockade the roads, although it made travel difficult. The fast mail from Baltimore was delayed , about half an hour on Friday morning. The postal wagon clerks and letter carriers, who started out after its report from points on their routes that they are making satisfactory progress in their rounds.

-- American Sentinel,

March 17, 1900.

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