Column on guns is wrong about Carroll County I am...

March 19, 2000

Column on guns is wrong about Carroll County

I am writing concerning the idiotic characterization of Carroll County citizens by Dan Rodricks in the March 3 Sun ("Gun control support grows with each tragedy").

In the article, he pointed out a survey by the Potomac Survey Research of Bethesda, which stated that more than half of the 1,000 Marylanders surveyed supported a ban on handgun sales. He then pointed out that less than half of the residents in eastern and western parts of Maryland supported this measure. Mr. Rodricks also pointed out that Carroll County is one of the areas that doesn't support this ridiculous idea. He stated that "handguns are embraced with patriotic fervor there."

He continues: "Do you think the Chamber of Commerce will mention this on its Web site?"

I think that even if this were true, it is irrelevant to the Chamber of Commerce's Web site. Does he wonder why crime rates are lower in the eastern and western regions of this state? How many citizens in these regions own guns?

I think what is important to point out is that responsible gun owners have no problem with safety locks, background checks or heavy sentences in our state prisons for those who use guns in the commision of a crime.

Henry Mathias


Dan Rodricks' long and mainly vitriolic article on the evils of firearms, particularly handguns, was a testament to the inability of some to refrain from dousing water on the outhouse while the main house is going up in flames. Nowhere could I find the words responsibilty or accountability. Gun control has these essential characteristics for the millions of law-abiding citizens whose guns are never involved in irresponsible behavior.

Especially in Maryland, we have more than enough firearms laws to protect us. What we need in these laws are adequate sanctions applied to those in our society who irresponsibly use firearms.

What takes real courage, not mentioned by Mr. Rodricks, is the active support of a legal system that can and will do its job on those who do not accept their personal responsibilty for the use of anything that can harm the rest of society -- guns yes, but also cars, drugs, knives, pornography.

J. S. Magee

Ellicott City

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