NCAA highlights

Ncaa Tournament

March 18, 2000


Desmond Mason, Okla. State 30

Brendan Haywood, N. Carolina 28

Shaheen Holloway, Seton Hall 27

Scoonie Penn, Ohio State 23

Kenny Gregory, Kansas 22

Kaspars Kambala, UNLV 21

Brandon Armstrong, Pepperdine 22

Frank Williams, Illinois 21

Johnny Hemsley, Miami 20


Brendan Haywood, N. Carolina 15

Eric Coley, Tulsa 14

Mike Miller, Florida 13

Mark Madsen, Stanford 13

Buddy Davis, Appa. State 12

Samuel Dalembert, Seton Hall 12

Jason Capel, N. Carolina 11


Pepe Sanchez, Temple 15

Tezale Archie, Pepperdine 11

Ed Cota, N. Carolina 10

Kenny Satterfield, Cincinnati 8

Thomas Jackson, Butler 8

Doug Gottlieb, Okla. State 8

Vernon Jennings, Miami 8

SEC's good luck Day 2

The first two days of the tournament have turned into a battle of survival for the powerful Southeastern Conference. On the first day, No. 5 Kentucky and No. 4 LSU advanced with some timely three-point shooting, while No. 7 Auburn survived a last-second scare. Yesterday, No. 5 Florida needed a basket at the buzzer by Mike Miller to defeat Butler in overtime, and No. 4 Tennessee rallied to oust Louisiana-Lafayette in a game that featured 72 fouls and five technicals.

Higher seeds rule

This was advertised as the year of the wide-open tournament. So far, the opposite has been true with the higher seeds holding court by a large margin. Even the dreaded No. 5 seed vs. No. 12 seed failed to produce an upset for the first time since 1988. The seed standings: No. 1: 4-0 No. 16: 0-4 No. 2: 4-0 No. 15: 0-4 No. 3: 4-0 No. 14: 0-4 No. 4: 4-0 No. 13: 0-4 No. 5: 4-0 No. 12: 0-4 No. 6: 3-1 No. 11: 1-3 No. 7: 2-2 No. 10: 2-2 No. 8: 4-0 No. 9: 0-4

Conference scoreboard

With no major upsets, the major conferences are dominating. The records of conferences that received three or more bids:

SEC: 5-1 ACC: 3-0

Big East: 5-0 Pac-10: 3-1

Big Ten: 5-1 Atlantic 10: 1-2

Big 12: 5-1 Conf. USA: 1-3

Super Sanchez

Temple point guard Pepe Sanchez is considered the player in the country who can have the biggest impact on a game without scoring. The Owls' first-round victory over Lafayette is a perfect example. Sanchez's stats: 0 points, 15 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals.

28-20 vision

A controversial selection as a No. 8 seed, North Carolina kept alive its hopes of winning 20 games for 28 consecutive seasons with a first-round victory over Missouri. The 20th one will be much more difficult, a probable matchup against No. 1 seed Stanford.


"When you're up three in the final 20 seconds, you start thinking, `We're going to win this game and advance. All of a sudden, the carpet gets pulled from underneath you, and it's like the end of the world.' "

-- Butler guard Andrew Graves, who saw Florida's Mike Miller hit a driving shot at the buzzer to give No. 5 Florida a one-point victory over the No. 12 Bulldogs.

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