Longer life means investing more, retiring later

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HAVE you planned adequately for your later years?

If not, talk to your adviser about the "new longevity."

"People are now living much longer in retirement," says Michael Stein, author of "The Prosperous Retirement." "If retirees haven't planned for extra years by investing more and retiring later, they risk draining their retirement nest egg before death. People must plan to live longer than they think."

"Treasury bond prices may rise as the government reduces the debt. Excellent values are bonds that have three- to seven-year maturities. Their yields are nearly 6.7 percent on a five-year note, significantly above the 2.7 percent inflation rate."

(Roger Klein, Interest Rate Futures Corp.)

"Many day traders end up losing money," says Charles Schwab, chairman, Charles Schwab & Co. "Most would do better with a `buy-and-hold' strategy. Exception: People with extensive trading experience and a thorough understanding of trading systems -- and who can afford to lose money."

WEARING OF THE "GREEN": These stocks are listed under "Most Popular Stocks Among Newsletter 10-Year Market Beaters" in Hulbert Financial Digest: Applied Micro Circuits Corp., RF Micro Devices Inc., Qlogic Corp., Qualcomm Inc. and Transwitch Corp.

"Last-minute tax saver: IRAs can be established and contributed to until the date that tax returns are due -- on April 17."

(Tax Hotline)

"Treasury bonds are as cheap as they're going to get. So stock up for the coming rally."

(A. Gary Shilling, investment adviser)

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