Picky Mrs. Pickle'


March 15, 2000|By Christine M. Schneider

Editor's note: After years of wearing only green clothes and eating only pickle foods, picky Mrs. Pickle learns that trying something new can be fun.

Picky Mrs. Pickle won't try anything at all.

Nothing but green dresses fill her closet in the hall.

She has her favorite color and her favorite pickle pie.

She has a favorite perfume too, no others will she buy.

She won't try a new hairdo, and she won't try a new hat.

She likes the way her house looks with the green lawn nice and flat.

When picky Mrs. Pickle makes a visit to the zoo, she won't go look at anything except the hairy gnu.

She buys a lot of pretty shoes; in fact, she can't keep track.

There's minty green and grassy green, but never red or black.

Picky Mrs. Pickle won't make any brand new friends. "It's far too hard! It's too much work!" she's happy to pretend.

"I like the things I like," she says. "I'm very sure of that." "I needn't ever change because I'm happy where I'm at."

Even her own family knows it's useless to point out that pickles and green shoes are not what life is all about.

Little Sophie Claire, however, always speaks her mind.

She's Mrs. Pickle's youngest niece, and she's one of a kind.

Every Sunday afternoon the two walk hand in hand down the road and up one block to Igor's ice cream stand.

Every week they disagree when Sophie begs her aunt to try a different flavor -- like tomato or eggplant.

"How do you know if you won't try a new kind of ice cream that you wouldn't like it better than you ever even dreamed?"

She tells her aunt her attitude is silly and unfair -- "I think you won't try something new because you're just plain scared."

This week was not a different one, they argued just the same, but stubborn Sophie stood her ground and once again took aim.

"If you just try a tiny bit, I'll make a deal with you. I'll walk your dog for one whole year and polish all your shoes."

Picky Mrs. Pickle couldn't pass up such a trade.

She finally got her nerve up and she thought, "I'm not afraid!"

"A scoop of eggplant ripple, please?" she swallowed hard and asked.

She closed her eyes, she licked her licks and then she gasped a gasp.

Surprise, surprise! You'll never guess! She liked it even more than any ice cream, cake or pie she'd ever had before!

"My, this is strange! How could this be? I thought it would taste bad! I thought I only liked the things that I'd already had."

"I'll learn to dance! I'll learn to paint! I'll learn how to speak French!

I have a thirst to try new things that never can be quenched!

"New things to try, new friends to make, no wonder I was bored!"

Now Picky Mrs. Pickle isn't picky anymore!

From the book PICKY MRS. PICKLE. Copyright (copyright symbol) 1999 By Christine M. Schneider. Reprinted by permission of Walker Publishing Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

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