Blast owes fans apology This letter is to express my...


March 12, 2000

Blast owes fans apology

This letter is to express my dismay over events that occurred at the Feb. 26 game between the Blast and Philadelphia KiXX indoor soccer teams.

On that evening, the Blast and the Boy Scouts of America sponsored "Scout Night." Several thousand scouts and other family members, as well as several champion junior soccer leaguers between the ages of 6 and 16, were in attendance at Baltimore Arena. For those unfamiliar with scouting, it heavily promotes good sportsmanship and respect for others.

The game went well until things completely degenerated in the fourth period. Several players began brawling on the field, resulting in three players being ejected from the game.

On a night when the players should have had in their minds to show their best sportsmanship, they opted to participate in self-absorbed, negative and violent behavior, showing disrespect for that evening in particular and sportsmanship in general.

This is not the type of behavior that should have been displayed for scouts and junior league players.

We would like to see the participating players and the Blast organization publicly apologize to those children for their behavior.

Brenda and Christopher Lamka Bel Air

Unseld no personnel wizard

Abe Pollin should have his head examined.

His illustrious team, the Washington Wizards, has been and continues to be the most overpaid, underachieving squad in the NBA. He has one person to blame -- his brilliant general manager, Wes Unseld.

Unseld has destroyed this team with his idiotic trades and belief that Juwan Howard, Rod Strickland and Mitch Richmond would bring the Wizards back to respectability. Was he ever wrong!

Howard, especially, is the biggest joke of them all. Defensive liabilities and a knack for hiding in the fourth quarter have been his fortes.

And how has Pollin sought to rectify this unconscionable situation? He rewards Unseld with a five-year contract extension. Unbelievable!

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

Railing against railings

I was pleased to read the letter from Michael Worthington in The Sun last Sunday regarding the obstructed views at PSINet Stadium. I was beginning to think it was just me.

I shelled out $1,500 for two PSLs and pay $700 annually for two Ravens season tickets in the upper deck. We travel down for every home game and enjoy almost everything about the trip except for those galvanized railings. We have to practically stand up to see over them, lean one way or another, or watch the big screen when the ball is at the east end of the field.

I have called and written and asked if I could move up, down, over or whatever, but was told that the Ravens could not or would not change my seat location unless I bought club seats.

It would seem a small concession to loyal fans to do something about those railings.

Albin W. Simokat Lemoyne, Pa.

Where's Mussina contract?

Am I the only one wondering why the signing of Mike Mussina to a long-term contract extension hasn't been the Orioles' No. 1 off-season priority?

Mussina is the Orioles' best pitcher since Jim Palmer. He's a true Oriole, rising to prominence through our own farm system. He has the second-highest winning percentage among active pitchers. He is clearly regarded as one of the top five pitchers in the big leagues.

I am beginning to question the Orioles' commitment to winning. If Peter Angelos truly wants to win, he'd sign Mussina to a seven-year extension, now.

Paul Zinder Baltimore

Pub Date: 3/12/00

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