Some books to encourage young readers

Emerging readers

March 12, 2000|By Tricia Bishop

Carol Otis Hurst, a former elementary school teacher and author of "Once Upon a Time: An Encyclopedia for Using Literature with Young Children," recommends several books as "first books for emergent readers" -- those designed to foster and encourage reading in very young children. First printed in "Teaching K-8 Magazine," the list includes these titles and can be found at line is longer than measure/can't be broken ergentreaders.html.

One-Word Books

These demand a flair for the dramatic from the reader, as all emotion and meaning is derived from inflection. At the tale's close, children will know the one word and be able to "successfully" read it to you.

"Oink" by Arthur Geisert and its sequel "Oink Oink"

Repeated Question Books

Children can "play-along" and answer the textual question by locating a missing object in the picture or learning the repeated text.

"Have You Seen My Cat?" by Eric Carle

"Have You Seen My Duckling?" by Nancy Tafuri

Patterned Rhyme

With each plot advancement, the book recounts what's transpired line-by-line, much like "The 12 Days of Christmas" song, giving kids the opportunity to "read" along

This is also a helpful plot memory boost for those whose minds wander.

"Shoes From Grandpa" by Mem Fox

"The Napping House" by Don and Audrey Wood --

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