Pope John Paul II has the right ideas for these times...


March 12, 2000

Pope John Paul II has the right ideas for these times

There have been several articles written, in different publications, about Pope John Paul II over the past year. A few of these have been very negative including one in The Sun. I believe that Pope John Paul II is exactly what the world has badly needed over the past 21 years, as well as what the Catholic Church has needed in the way of leadership. He has traveled more than any other pope in an effort to reach out to people of many cultures and backgrounds. The pope has spoken deliberately on matters of injustice and oppression when many world leaders chose to dance around a serious issue for fear of offending the particular government.

Yes, he has been rigid on certain matters - birth control, abortion, capital punishment, others.

The fact is that many people in the world, including many in the United States, have made some poor and extremely harmful decisions on issues that play a large part in defining the focus of a culture. It is amazing to me that, in a country as prosperous as ours, abortion can become such a customary choice. And this does not have to do with just the poor or underprivileged. Why don't we consider the choice of whether to keep and raise the baby after birth or to place the baby for adoption. This issue, which has become the political football of the feminist left, is the singular most serious matter in our country.

We concern ourselves with all of the violence in our streets and schools. However, we don't acknowledge the terrible violence that we have brought on ourselves. We're at an important threshold with this new millennium. We would do well to pause, assess, and make some changes in the right direction. And Pope John Paul II has some good ideas about where to start.

John Ena Sr.


A great councilperson helps protect an area

Sorry I am late in congratulating you on your article on zoning in Anne Arundet County, highlighting Councilwoman Barbara Samorajczyk's good representation of her Sixth District.[jth: : reference? ] Her ability to do the council job exactly as it was envisioned by the framers of the county executive/county council type of government, which was chosen by the voters in the middle 1960s, is balm to the souls of her constituents.

The Parole area is really under the gun for way too much development, with rarely a nod in the direction of traffic gridlock or silted-in creeks (our Saltworks Creek has lost untold depth after its head was plowed under for the mall -- next time you drive by Hecht's realize that large tree still left standing was on the banks of Saltworks creek!). And we were dumb enough to think the great environmental laws on Maryland's books would protect us.Heck no, you have to have a great council person !

Patricia L. Aiken


`We must be smarter about what we ask for'

Smarter guns or none?

Well maybe we citizens should get a little smarter and see we need to change our society.

Maybe we should stop accepting all the excuses for our problems and take care of the ones that will truly change things. It is truly a terrible thing to have a six-year-old shoot another six-year-old. But once again the out cry is against those bad ol' guns.

Gee! If we could get rid of them, we would be OK. But let's see; we would still have the broken home, we would still have the crack house, we would still have that guy who went out and stole that gun and we would still have a six-year-old who thinks if he has a problem, you just shoot it.

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment so that Americans could keep the rest of their freedoms. We must be careful what we ask for.

David Pillips

Glen Burnie

Why give up the right to defend yourself?

I applaud those Marylanders who, in a recent poll, indicated their support for a total ban on the legal ownership of handguns.

Finally, a brave group of people had the courage to stand up and declare that law-abiding citizens should be denied the right to defend themselves. After all, every moral person who is concerned about public safety knows that only criminals should have firearms.

Well done, all of you!

Bradford Sharpless


Keep your guns safe and away from children

Flint, Michigan, Feb. 29th, the year 2000! A six year old shoots another six year old at school. Gun Control! It is already too late. Too many children have died, too many people have been shot, too many families torn apart. People who insist on owing guns and who keep them in their homes must be responsible and mature enough to keep their guns locked up and out of the hands of children.

Marge Griffith


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