Be a 4Kids Detective

March 08, 2000

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to detectives/

* How much of our oxygen comes from ocean algae?

* How many segments make up the spinal cord?

* Like other creatures, what do microbes require to live?


From school playgrounds to frozen snowfields, microbes are everywhere. Discover this microscopic world at the Microbe Zoo. Head to and prepare to think small. At Animal Pavilion, you'll find out how the microbes that live inside a termite's guts are able to digest wood. Get wet and wild at Water World, where you can visit ponds, swamps and bogs that are rich in bizarre and colorful microbes.


It's Brain Awareness Week 2000 at Neuroscience for Kids. Whether it's the smell of apple pie or a memory of swimming at the beach, we can thank our brains for the special experiences we enjoy. Way-cool experiments and fun await at You can have fun making a model of the brain, or see how easily your senses can fool you at Brain Games.


Dive into the E-quarium to become an instant junior marine biologist! At the Monterey Bay Aquarium Web site, 3-D panoramas and live camera action bring the ocean to life. Head into the depths by clicking on the Learning Center and Kids' E-Q for instant access to all the exhibits. Swim through a kelp forest and scope out the kelp cam, or sink your head in a tidal pool and come nose-to-nose with a Monkeyface eel.

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