Zoning appeals board approves small kennel The Board of...

March 06, 2000

Zoning appeals board approves small kennel

The Board of Zoning Appeals has approved a conditional use for a kennel for fewer than 10 dogs at 1023 Wesley Road in Finksburg.

The 87.56-acre property is owned by Robert Henry Miller and is zoned agricultural. The kennel is located in the center of the property and meets the lot requirements for the zoning ordinance. Miller owns six beagles, a foxhound and an Eskimo dog.

He said he does not intend to board any dogs.

The board, which heard no complaints from neighbors and found no adverse impact on the area, approved the request.


Westminster: A resident of Carroll Street told police Wednesday that someone entered her home and took property. Loss is valued at $4,675.


Reese: Firefighters responded at 9: 35 p.m. Thursday to a brush fire in the 1300 block of Arnold Road. Units were out 40 minutes.

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