Big-screen experience with Sony Glasstron


March 06, 2000

Watching movies or playing games on a 52-inch screen can be remarkable, but it is even more so when the screen appears inside a pair of eyeglasses. That's why Sony's PLM-A35 Personal LCD Monitor Glasstron is such a big deal in portable electronics.

This third-generation Glasstron is a personal theater that you wear like a pair of sunglasses. It is small, comfortable, easy on the nose and -- at 3.5 ounces -- will even fit over your prescription glasses.

The Glasstron doesn't do much by itself, except display a self-test screen. It comes to life when connected to a VCR, TV, camcorder, portable DVD player or a video gaming console such as the Sony PlayStation or Sega Dreamcast. Images are projected on two half-inch color LCDs. Because they're so close to the eyes, though, they appear equivalent to a 52-inch screen viewed from 6.5 feet.

Image quality is clear and precise, with equally good stereo sound. Audio is transported through soft ear buds attached to the glasses.

The PLM-A35 Personal LCD Monitor Glasstron sells for about $500. It is AC-powered, but an optional battery and battery charger are available for portable use.

Information: or 800-222-7669.

-- Jim Buu/KRT

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