Baltimore March 6-10: Optical Society of America...


March 06, 2000


March 6-10: Optical Society of America fiber-optics communications conference and exhibit. Convention Center. Contact: Cindy Gady, 202-223-8130. Estimated attendance: 6,000

March 10-12 Builderburg Group Publications construction business and technical conference and expo. Convention Center. Contact: Donna Ladd, 802-434-4747. Estimated attendance: 1,000

March 16-20: Hearth Products Association hearth and home expo, Convention Center. Contact: Joan Letchworth, 703-522-0086. Estimated attendance: 10,000

March 24-25: Mary Kay Cosmetics career conference, Convention Center. Contact: Rosemary Hall, 972-687-5942. Estimated attendance: 2,000

March 26-30: Clean Rooms International regional show. Convention Center. Contact: Candy Fagan, 770-973-2266. Estimated attendance: 3,000

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