Electing Congress that will undo all the horrors It...


March 05, 2000

Electing Congress that will undo all the horrors

It seems to me that none of the presidential candidates is discussing issues of paramount importance to our republic.

For example:

The scandal of turning the Panama Canal over to Panama by means of treaties that are illegal

The fact that our military budget has been cut by a third since 1980. Can we defend America adequately by using aging planes and ships?

The astronomical cost of foreign aid, like most of the government spending, is unconstitutional. Much of the money must be borrowed before we can give it away.

As far as I can see, the candidates do not disagree on these issues. No matter who wins the election, we will probably continue the same old policies.

No one is talking about a return to constitutional government which would alleviate much of the tax burden.

Unfortunately, we are in a period in our history when a moral constitutionalist could not be elected president. How sad for our country!

The answer lies in the Congress. If we could elect a Congress that would adhere strictly to constitutional principles, we could put brakes on the executive branch by not funding foreign aid, illegal wars, the National Endownment for the Arts and all the other horrors that have plagued taxpayers.

It will take time, but it is the best way to return our republic to the system of checks and balances that our forefathers intended.

Ruth Shriver, Westminster

Seeking answers about new school

I was dismayed when I read the article County divided over plans for school in Westminster (Feb. 27) claiming that South Carroll residents want to halt construction of the new Westminster high school.

The article quoted three South Carroll residents as representative of all of us. This is far from the truth. Many of the rest of us realize that Westminster High School faces severe problems that must be addressed. The backlash against the redistricting plan should not be interpreted as a stand against the new school.

Residents of the Winfield area and parts of Woodbine were justifiably alarmed when the plan called for redistricting their children again.

The elementary school children had just been redistricted in the last two years and many, if not all, of the others have already attended two elementary or middle schools. To redistrict those children again is unconscionable. I cannot understand why this discussion is taking place now. The school system has known for months that the projected enrollments in Westminster have been dropping.

Does a difference of 100 students really mean the difference between building a school and not building a school?

Why is it that we had the money for the school six months ago and not now -- were our representatives really relying on the state for money without any solid assurances? We are entitled to answers to these questions.

If the excess students at Westminster could be sent to Century, the real question then becomes whether we can safely and effectively operate a school with 2,000 students, which is the capacity of Westminster High.

The answer seems to be that we cannot. Therefore, something needs to be done.

If we really cannot afford a new school, alternatives must be considered.

We could consider setting up two schools in the same building, with separate administration.

We could consider making part of Westminster High into a magnet school, which would greatly improve our childrens opportunities.

In any event, the parents of Westminster, in particular, and all of Carroll County deserve some answers. Blaming South Carroll parents does not serve any purpose.

The need for these new schools is a result of the unbridled development this county has allowed in the past decade or so.

Westminster has made an effort to control development. In Eldersburg and parts of Sykesville, development has continued at an alarming rate.

At the rate we are going, the idea of having schools with room to spare is really an illusion.

Unfortunately, the people benefiting from this development are not the ones paying the price.

Mary Oldewurtel, Sykesville

The writer is a school board candidate.

Writers urge votes for Breslin and Parr

We are delighted that there is a large number of people running for two spots for the Board of Education.

The happy problem is who to vote for among such a large group that comes from a wide variety of backgrounds representing a diversity of views.

Each is to be congratulated for wanting to do this essentially volunteer work for the good of our children and community.

We have discussed and debated whom to vote for; the two who end up at the top of our list are Lisa Breslin and Cindy Parr.

Their backgrounds seem to have provided each with good communication skills and a strong working knowledge of the Carroll County community and local government.

We urge your support for these two particularly fine candidates.

Jack and Beth Tevis, Westminster

Letter writer supports Hiltz for school board

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