Website offers aid with bathroom design, estimates


March 05, 2000

Homeowners interested in bathroom remodeling can now design the project online with the launch of an interactive tool that lets users experiment with different remodeling combinations.

At, homeowners can use the "Bath Estimator" to calculate a locally adjusted bottom-line price range for labor and materials for homeowners wanting to remodel their bathrooms.

"Americans spend more on bathroom and kitchen makeovers than on any other home improvement, but most homeowners haven't really been prepared to seek bids because they lacked the tools to help them clarify their expectations," said Bill Crosby, an ImproveNet vice president.

Bath Estimator users submit the size of the bathroom, how much they want spend -- economy, standard or luxury -- and their ZIP code. The program calculates an estimated range of the project costs adjusted for their local market conditions.

Homeowners can also enter the exact cost of a product they have purchased to be included in the estimate.

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