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foolishness loses it


Do you want to know how to make -- or lose -- money in stocks?

From H. Bradlee Perry, former chairman, David L. Babson & Co., are ways to make money: Invest in established businesses with superior growth and profitability. Focus on high-quality companies, especially those with strong competitive positions. Concentrate on the long term. Be willing to go against the consensus. Diversify your holdings.

Perrys ways to lose money: Buy the most popular stocks. Try to time the market. Become mesmerized by dividend yield. Buy stocks on tips. Invest in weak companies in hopes they will get strong. Believe the notion that this time its different.'"

The following stocks appear under Core Portfolio in Technology Investor, March.

The caption reads, These are leading companies with excellent management, a line of great products and strong vision for the future.

The list includes Applied Materials Inc., America Online Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Dell Computer Corp., Intel Corp., Lucent Inc., Microsoft Corp., Nortel Networks Corp., Oracle Corp., Qualcomm Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc.

WALL ST. WATCH: There are now more mutual funds than stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. (Better Investing)

When this bull market ends, it could be a slow erosion, not a collapse. (Edward McKelvey, Goldman Sachs & Co.)

Interest rates will continue their gradual climb this spring and summer. (Keith Gumbinger, mortgage information publisher)

To be ahead of the crowd, buy what you know -- thats the philosophy of Fidelitys Peter Lynch. Its hard for individuals to track the kinds of technologies that professionals do. (Kevin Landis, mutual fund portfolio manager)

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