Stagger maturities on certificates of deposit

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IN THIS volatile market, are you putting money in CDs instead of stocks? "If you're buying CDs, stagger the maturities," says Black Enterprise, March. "Put some in one-year certificates, some in two-year maturities. That way your CDs will mature each year and if you need cash you won't pay a withdrawal penalty. Use different banks for different CDs, locking in the highest possible rates."

"Too many investors look at mutual funds with recent strong performances and buy those `hot' funds. There is no relationship between this year's winners and long-term top performers. Choose funds producing consistently good returns over extended time periods." (Burton Greenwald, mutual fund consultant)

"Buy stocks with good dividends," says Bloomberg's Personal Finance, March. "These stocks' dividends should help your total return (gain plus income) if the market goes south: Bandag Inc. (5 percent); Bank One Corp. (6.6 percent); First Union Corp. (6.5 percent) and Storage USA Inc. (8.8 percent)."

WALL ST. WATCH: March is historically an "up" month on Wall Street. Over the past 49 years, this month registered a 1 percent gain.

"Wise investors will at least mentally prepare for some retrenchment across the board before the year is up." (Equity Fund Outlook)

"If you don't make colossal bets now, you'll be sitting in your rocking chair when you're 90 and asking, `How did I miss the biggest opportunity of a lifetime?'" (Phil Summe, Chase Capital)

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