"I would recommend 'Arthur's Halloween' by Marc Tolon...

Book Reviews

February 23, 2000

"I would recommend 'Arthur's Halloween' by Marc Tolon Brown because D.W., Arthur's little sister, scared Arthur and he jumped. Then his candy fell on the ground and then D.W.'s bag fell and broke. I thought it was funny, but I would not want that to happen to me."

-- Antonio Robinson, Leithwalk Elementary

"The story 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl is my favorite book. It is about a girl named Matilda who learns to read and do math by herself. When her parents send her to school, her teacher is amazed. Her dad gets caught for putting sawdust in cars. Read this story and find out what other mischief Matilda's family gets into."

-- Larkin Nixon, Lisbon Elementary

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