Build wealth the slow and steady way

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February 23, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

"The race to build retirement wealth goes not to the swift or to the brilliant, but to the methodical," says Worth, March. "While investment results are generally figured on a one-time basis, most people build 401(k)s, etc., by making regular investments over long time periods. It's called `dollar-cost averaging,' buying more shares at low prices, fewer when prices are up."

"Financial success doesn't come from how much you build in your 401(k), 403(b) or IRA. More importantly, know where you want to be in the future -- will you retire at 55? Will your kids go to an Ivy League school? Will you launch your own business? Have specific goals, then go for them!" (Working Woman, March)

BITS & PIECES: "Expect two more quarter-point interest rate increases, one at the Fed March meeting, another likely in June." (Kiplinger Letter)

"Buy only stocks of strong companies, keep some cash on the sidelines and limit your losses to 20 percent of your investment. Let your winners run." (Cabot Market Letter)

"Primary long-trend remains bullish, and we don't want to risk being under-invested when the next leg-up begins." (SouthTrust's Report)

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