Anguilla float trip Nancy LeBarron...


February 20, 2000


Anguilla float trip

Nancy LeBarron, Street, Md.,

This shot of two little boys floating on a surfboard in Little Bay, Anguilla, reflects the mood of the week we spent on the island -- lazy days, blue skies, turquoise waters and not a care in the world. The photo was taken while on a half-day boat trip where we did some deep-sea fishing, snorkeling and sightseeing.


Vancouver on wheels

Doris Malin

Special to the Sun

You never forget how to ride a bike, and that's good if you're over 60 and haven't been on one in many years.

During a two-week tour of the Canadian Rockies last year, my husband and I spent three days in Vancouver, British Columbia. We enjoyed this cosmopolitan city, the ambience of the shop-filled streets and the relaxing beach at beautiful English Bay.

On our first evening in Vancouver, we discovered that the famous Stanley Park was within walking distance of our hotel. The guidebooks listed the park as a must-see. We had a delicious dinner in the park at Ferguson Point Tea House overlooking the bay. As we ate, we watched a spectacular sunset.

The next day, we went back to the park. We wanted to see as much of the beaches, forests, lagoons and wildlife as we could in the daylight.

We drove through several areas, then parked the car and walked some of the shorter hiking trails. The gardens were in full bloom. People of all ages and nationalities were everywhere. We kept seeing signs designating a bike route, and we watched people riding along the trail. It became hard to resist joining them. So we decided to be adventurous, and off we went in search of a bike rental.

The rental bikes were definitely not the Schwinns of our youth. The rental-store owner assured us that we would have no trouble handling 21-speed mountain bikes on the 5 1/2 -mile trail through the park. First he fitted us with helmets. Then he adjusted our seats -- my feet barely touched the ground. Our main lesson was getting used to the brakes being on the handlebars. Pushing back on the pedal, as our early training had taught us, would not do the trick anymore.

The bike route was blessedly level. It meandered through wooded areas and wound leisurely along the spectacular bay. We stopped often to view well-marked scenic spots. It also gave us a chance to rest our weary legs. The miles flew by in an hour.

We pedaled back to the bike store congratulating ourselves on our confidence, our courage and our luck in having this unforgettable adventure.

Doris Malin lives in Baltimore.


Ullapool, Scotland

Bonnie J. Ulrich, Arnold

"My husband and I were on a wildlife cruise off the coast of Ullapool, Scotland, when we saw a complete rainbow and were very close to the end of that rainbow. There was no pot of gold, but it's a wonderful memory!"

Petersburg, Va.

Janet Ruckle, Bel Air

"Blandford Church in Petersburg, Va., is amazing. Built in 1735, the historical value of the nearby cemetery and the church's stained glass windows -- designed by Louis Tiffany in the early 1900s -- make it a must-see, especially for Civil War buffs. There are large windows of 11 saints and four smaller windows. Each is a masterpiece of design and commemorates soldiers of Confederate and border states."


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