George and Martha, the best of friends

Character Profile

February 20, 2000|By Tricia Bishop

George and Martha are a hippopotamus pair of the best kind of best friends -- the kind who tell each other the truth, look out for one another's feelings and gently teach each other the lessons of life without preaching. The big gray friends do just about everything together, except of course, those things that require privacy, as Martha explains to George when he sneaks a peek at her in the tub -- he doesn't do that again -- and together they also learn that pea soup in loafers isn't such a good idea and that dancing can be great fun.

To catch up on George and Martha's 28 years of being buddies, turn to some of these books by James Marshall:

* "George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends"

* "George and Martha: Rise and Shine"

* "George and Martha: One Fine Day"

* "George and Martha: Tons of Fun"

* "George and Martha: Back in Town"

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