The new games people play

Possibilities: The silly new game shows that have caught on with television audiences lead to speculation about what may be next.

February 18, 2000|By SUN STAFF

In the wake of this week's cheesy Fox Network special "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?" -- which racked up huge ratings as wannabe brides in wedding gowns vied to marry a total stranger with big bucks -- can the following game shows be far behind?

"Who'll Eat a Ferret for $10 Million?"

Sure, your standard 25-inch domestic ferret tastes awful -- and it packs a mean bite. But that's the whole point! Tune in as contestants -- armed only with condiments -- attempt to devour a live ferret in a hilarious bid for huge cash prizes!

"So You're Having a Baby!"

Three women in the final throes of labor moan, grit their teeth and thrash about in front of a supportive studio audience of "coaches." Whoever gives birth first is wheeled off with $500,000 and the keys to a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan.

"What's My Capital Crime?"

Celebrity panelists match wits with this week's NFL felon in an attempt to guess the nature of the heinous offense committed.

(Goldie Hawn: "Was this a convenience-store robbery that went horribly awry?"

(NFL player, after huddling with attorney: "Uh, it might have been.")

"Hey, Kid! There's No Santa!"

Hidden cameras record the anguish when parents sit their tots down and tell 'em the truth about jolly old St. Nick! The child who goes to pieces most spectacularly wins $250,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World.

"Who Wants to Beat Regis Philbin?"

Contestants sound off on how sick they are of the ubiquitous talk- and game-show host, now on every commercial, magazine cover, late-night talk show and sitcom in the land.

"Swallow It and It's Yours!"

Contestants attempt to swallow as many valuable items -- partially cut diamonds, precious gems, Krugerrands, antique brooches, coins dating back to the Roman Empire -- as they can in 60 seconds.

"I'll Let You Do THIS for $10 Million!"

The contestant who agrees to the most radical on-the-spot surgery in an onstage operating room wins.

"Extreme Supermarket Sweep"

Armed with clubs and stun guns and pushing steel-reinforced shopping carts, contestants battle each other while racing through the aisles and stocking up on groceries. First one to the checkout counter alive wins.

"Who Wants to Bury a Multi-Millionaire?"

Contestants vie for the privilege of bathing, embalming and laying to rest some of America's rigidly rich by answering trivia questions.

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