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February 16, 2000


We changed the nicknames of six NBA teams. The new nicknames are listed below. Each one has the same meaning as the team's real nickname. Write each team's real nickname on the line under the new nickname. (Hint: The players below play for four of the teams.)

1. Hopping Dinosaurs

2. Gold Pieces

3. The Spaceships

4. Eighty-minus-four Men

5. Fuzzy Wasps

6. Nervous Walkers

ANSWERS: 1. Toronto Raptors; 2. Denver Nuggets; 3. Houston Rockets; 4. Philadelphia 76ers; 5. Charlotte Hornets; 6. Indiana Pacers


How did you choose your uniform number?

Jaromir Jagr, right wing, Pittsburgh Penguins: "My grandfather died in 1968. I wear number 68 to honor him."

Dan Marino, quarterback, Miami Dolphins: "My father was my Little League baseball coach. He let the other kids pick their uniform numbers first. When it was my turn, the only number left was 13."

Rebecca Lobo, forward, New York Liberty: "I wear number 50 because it is David Robinson's NBA number."

David Wells, pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays: "I'm a big fan of Babe Ruth. He wore number 3. When I played with the New York Yankees, I couldn't wear number 3 because the team had retired it. So I chose 33."


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