Valentine Collector

Yak Craft

Just for kids

February 14, 2000

It's time to start collecting valentines -- so you need a mailbox by your desk or door. Here's an easy one that's fun to make.

What you need:

Two heavy-duty white paper plates

Construction paper

Craft glue

One box of Red Hots candy

Paper punch

4 red chenille stems

Red markers

Pink or white doilies

Red and white curling ribbon

Heart/Valentine stickers

What to do:

1. Take one plate and draw a small heart in the upper half. With adult help, cut out the heart and tape a photo of yourself behind it. Decorate top half with construction paper hearts or stickers and red markers.

2. Cut the other plate in half. Turn upside down and glue to the bottom half of the whole plate to form a pouch. Let dry.

(For extra strength, use a hole punch and make a hole in the rim every two inches. Take chenille stems and sew through the holes to hold plate more securely. You will need two stems to complete.)

3. To finish decorating, glue red candies on rim of the plate. You can also glue on other two chenille stems. Tie curling ribbon to bottom. Finish decorating as you like.

4. To make hanger, punch two holes at top and thread ribbon through holes. Tie ribbon in loop.

The Yak made a ladybug mailbox, too. Follow the same directions, but color in the bottom half totally red. We added black chenille stems for legs and antennae. We put two googly eyes on a black felt heart for the face.

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