Amanda Pig keeps on smiling

Character Profile

February 13, 2000|By TRICIA BISHOP

Amanda Pig keeps rolling in the smiles get amanda pig image off AMAZON.COM

Amanda Pig is the smallest member of the Pig Family, but she has the biggest heart. Fun-loving, sweet-tempered and pink, she coaxes away the blues and brings out the best in others. Whether befriending a shy new classmate, or getting through the day's rough spots, Amanda brings a grin and spunky exuberance to any kid situation. It's not surprising that she's also known as "Amazing Baby Pig" -- her simple compassion and kind will are the stuff amazing is made of.

Tag along as Amanda solves some of life's lesser problems with these books by Jean Van Leeuwen:

* "Amanda Pig, Schoolgirl"

* "Amanda Pig on Her Own"

* "Amanda Pig and Her Big Brother, Oliver"

* "Amanda Pig and Her Best Friend Lollipop"

* "More Tales of Amanda Pig"

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