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February 13, 2000|By Elizabeth Large | By Elizabeth Large,SUN STAFF

Cupid doesn't always match people up the way you might expect. It's conventional wisdom that married people grow to look more and more alike over the years, but that's not necessarily true.

In honor of Valentine's Day, we found six happily married couples who were willing to help us put the axiom to the test. See if you can figure out who's in love with whom, then turn to page 7N.


Opposites attract

Evangelin and Luca

Luca, a chef in Little Italy, and Evangelin, a hair stylist, met when they went to a local bar with mutual friends. They didn't hit it off. To Luca, Evangelin was the girl who laughed when she beat him at pool. An onlooker asked if she was his girlfriend. "Me? With her? Never!" Luca said.

A month later they were engaged. Evangelin still teases him about it.

Most couples find one wedding exhausting. The Pescis, both 25, were married three times. A few months after they were engaged Luca said, "Let's get married at the Towson courthouse."

"I didn't think he was serious," Evangelin says with a laugh. "Once I saw he was, I was kind of stuck! But we were afraid to tell our families."

Luca took Evangelin to Italy to meet his parents. They had a church wedding there in July, 1997. Because some of her family couldn't get to Italy, they decided to have a third ceremony here when they got back. They currently live in Reisterstown.

Evangelin says it was Luca's attitude that first attracted her to him. "He's funny, very sweet and very romantic. He has a great personality. But I don't want to say it too loud. He might hear me."

"We're really different," says Luca. "I like black, she likes white. I like fishing, she likes shopping. Opposites really do attract."

She caught my eye

Kathryn and Edward

Some couples take a long time deciding whether they're right for each other. Kathryn and Edward eloped on their fourth date. So far they seem to have made the right decision. Tomorrow, Valentine's Day, is their eighth wedding anniversary, and they have a nine-month-old daughter, Peri Lynn.

They met playing beach volleyball at Martha's Vineyard on Labor Day, 1991. Kathryn, who works in marketing, was returning to Maryland the next day. Edward, a programmer for a data base marketing firm, lived in Boston. In late September he came to visit her and took her to Philadelphia for his brother's wedding, their first "date."

While they were apart, they talked constantly on the phone. She came back from Thanksgiving in Boston with a ring on her finger, and they were married that February at the Ellicott City courthouse. The Johnsons live in Bowie.

"I'm not letting this one go," Kathryn, 32, says she told herself. "He was the total package. He's very focused, mature and not materialistic. He reminded me of my father, and my parents have been married over 40 years."

"She has nice legs," Edward, 40, says with a laugh when asked what attracted him to her. And, more seriously, "She was easy to talk to. She caught my eye. You can't explain it; you just know. We care about the same things -- family, religion -- and we both have a strong work ethic."

Committed to marriage

Robin and Victor

Victor, an architect originally from Puerto Rico, was coming home from a date when he met Robin, an eSales executive, in the elevator of Tindeco Wharf Apartments. She turned out to be his next-door neighbor. They got to talking, and Robin asked if she could have a look at his apartment, a corner unit more desirable than hers.

Victor, 46, invited her in and offered her a glass of wine. They had such a good time he asked her out the following Sunday. She said she'd let him know, then went home and called a friend for advice. Dump him, the friend said. He must already have a date Saturday night or he would have asked you out then.

Robin, 43, finally decided to go anyway. Later, when they were dating seriously, she asked why he had wanted to go out Sunday.

"It was Tuesday," he said, surprised. "I was sure you would already have a date for Saturday."

The Cardonas were married in September 1992 and live in the Woodbrook section of Baltimore County.

He praises her personality. "She's out front, much more outgoing than I am." Her looks and how she dressed attracted him immediately.

Robin says she's always been drawn to Latin men. "I was very smitten, very quickly," she says. "He's a fabulous husband, very committed to the idea of marriage. Like anything else worthwhile, you have to work very hard at marriage. He's made my life complete."

Divine intervention

Kim and Craig

He was a senior at Howard University. She was a lowly freshman. They were both in the same campus organization, which was sponsoring a camping trip.

"I had my eye on him," says Kim, who works full-time as a pastor's assistant as well as taking care of their three young children. "I volunteered to work on the camping equipment committee with him. It turned out there were only two people on the committee."

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