New Windsor mayor attends budget meeting at White House

February 09, 2000|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

For the third time in five months, New Windsor's mayor has traveled to the White House.

Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr., who is also president of the Maryland Municipal League, attended a budget briefing Monday and had his picture taken in front of a chart outlining the $1.8 trillion federal budget.

The numbers, rounded off to the nearest million, were slightly intimidating to the mayor, whose municipal operating budget is about $200,000 annually.

About 75 people attended the session detailing aid to state and local governments, many of them members of the National League of Cities.

"You could ask a question about an airport in Nevada and they had someone there who could answer, and this meeting only dealt with about 15 pages of the budget," Gullo said.

Gullo, who visited the White House in September with the Mayors Association and in December at the invitation of the Save Our Treasures program, said his visit this week was a "real awakening."

"The principles of finance and governing are the same as they are for a town or a county, but the complexities are widely different," Gullo said.

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