"I like 'Me and My Shadow' by Arthur Dorros because it...

Book Reviews

February 09, 2000

"I like 'Me and My Shadow' by Arthur Dorros because it talks about shadows. You can see shadows through the light. Your shadow can be big or small. Everyone has shadows when there is light. I learned a lot."

-- Mark Batchelor

Leithwalk Elementary

"I recommend highly 'The Mouse of Amherst' by Elizabeth Spires. This book is about a white mouse named Emmaline. She comes to live at Emily Dickinson's house, Amherst. It is there that Emmaline realizes she is a poet. Emily and Emmaline trade their poems to each other until Emily's sister, Lavinia, notices Emmaline's hiding place. Lavinia brings a rat catcher and Emmaline is forced to choose between leaving the Dickinsons or staying and risk being caught."

-- Abigail Krolik

Kreiger Schecter Elementary

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