Be a 4Kids Detective

Just for kids

February 08, 2000

When you know the answers to these questions, go to

When was the 50th anniversary of Hoover Dam? (Go to to find out.)

How much sunlight touches the rain forest floor?

What did a lantern on a hitching post mean to slaves?


During America's dark chapter of slavery, there was one bright light indeed: the Underground Railroad, an escape route for slaves who wanted to start a new life. Now you can learn what it was like to risk life and limb in the quest for freedom. Follow the North Star to Meet the legendary Harriet Tubman, a slave who successfully escaped and helped countless others find the way across icy Lake Erie into Canada. But watch out for the bloodhounds that are looking for fugitives. The journey can be grueling, as you'll find out from the 250-mile path. Trekking the Underground Railroad was no walk in the park. But it is a story of inspiration to us all. Cry freedom!


Put together your jungle gear and set the compass to There you'll find the tangled path into the world's mysterious rain forests. And Toucan Sam will guide you and show you the ropes -- uh, vines. Watch for incredible sites, such as giant insects as big as birds, meat-eating plants and palm trees that can walk. Stare way up at the canopy or follow a trail of ants along the forest floor. You might even run into a monkey or a colorful native tribe. Toucan Sam will even take you on a little scavenger hunt. So rest up for your jungle adventure.

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