25 Years Ago: "Cavaliers " Band Will Be Taking Trip To...


February 06, 2000

25 Years Ago: "Cavaliers " Band Will Be Taking Trip To Florida. South Carroll High School Group Chosen To Represent Maryland In "Festival of States" In St. Petersburg.

Governor Marvin Mandel has named the South Carroll High School "Cavaliers" Band as the official representes of Maryland at the famed Festival of States springtime celebration in St. Petersburg, Florida, March 24th through April 5th.

In a proclamation signed by Mandel he described the band as a "symbol of superior performance in marching and music" and declared the band has gained "for the state of Maryland" the reputation of developing in its young people a bountiful image of our state's future through youth of high moral character and fibre.

"Sykesville's award winning band, which was invited to participate in the 54th annual Festival, will be competing with bands representing 15 other states during the two weeks of festivities which annually star more than three thousand teenagers.

The Community Reporter, February 7, 1975.

50 Years Ago: Mr. Shipley Re-Elected President of the Historical Society. Miss Mary Shellman Night featured the program for the tenth anniversary of the Historical Society of Carroll County, held January 26 at the home on East Main street.

This was the occasion of the annual meeting and election of officers. There was a large attendance.

The society had previously been awarded a citation for achievements for state and local history and the frinied document was displayed for the first time. The award of merit was given by the American Association for State and Local History, Washington, D.C., for "recognizing and commending the distinctive contributions of the Historical Society of Carroll County."

Democratic Advocate, February 3, 1950.

75 Years Ago: Mack Is Some Artist. We are not familiar with the courses Mack is taking at the College, but we will recommend him as a gilt-edge artist in decorating eyes of bullies.

We compliment, (although we are sorry the disgraceful affair took place), Mach on the souvenir he placed under the eye of the bully on Friday evening.

The ingrate used language that is not taught in our county schools, but is used freely by men of his class. Coach Spier, who is a gentleman and fine man in every way, was a victim of the bully's bad language and spanked his face.

The bully made for Coach Spier, but Mack not having any -itliletic exercise during the evening, took up the last round, and put a neat piece of drapery under his left eye that you ever saw, to take home to demonstrate to the Hanover people that we treat all visitors with respect, and accommodate them in anyway to make their visit a success and pleasant one.

We understand that the bully was not a member of the team, but from McSherrystown.

Democratic Advocate February 6, 1925.

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