Suspension of Meade's Eldridge is halved

February 03, 2000|By Pat O'Malley

The 60-day suspension of Meade girls basketball player LaTanya Eldridge for a residency violation has been cut in half by a nine-member appeals committee,clearing the way for her to return to the team Monday.

The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association panel modified the suspension Monday. Eldridge lived in the Meade district all four years of high school with her grandparents, who are not her legal custodians.

Anne Arundel County rules require that students reside with their parents or legal custodians in the attendance area of the school they attend. LaTanya's parents, Clyde and Velma Eldridge, live in the Old Mill district. Her grandparents, Gilbert and Rita Eldridge, live in Harmans.

Meade's team was forced to forfeit all the games Eldridge had played in over the last four years, and coach Phil Popielski was suspended from coaching in Anne Arundel County for two years.

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