What they're saying

February 02, 2000

A sampling of what people are saying about Ray Lewis' arrest:

"My heart goes out to Ray Lewis and his family, first of all. What has happened is unbelievable. I hope that it's not true, and we must go on."

-- Junior Seau, San Diego Chargers linebacker

"We've had a tough year as it goes anyway with the Rae Carruth situation. We certainly, for his own good, hope that it's not true, and for the good of the NFL."

-- Gene Washington, NFL director of football development

"[NFL commissioner Paul] Tagliabue defensively says that the track record for the league's criminal behavior is `better than society at large.' But society at large does not shine a spotlight on its criminals, shower them with money and privilege and hold them up as community builders, role models, entertainers."

-- Ann Killion, San Jose Mercury News

"There are criminals in the NFL. We don't want them, but they're members of the general population first before they're in the NFL.

"When a day trader blows away 10 people in Buckhead, they don't say he's a day trader; they say he's crazy. But when he's a football player, that's what they talk about."

-- Jamal Anderson, Atlanta Falcons running back

"I think our society's worship of elite athletes, because we coddle and fawn over them, in some ways [means] we've created anti-social beings who believe their needs come first."

-- Merrill J. Melnick, sports sociologist at the State University of New York at Brockport

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